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England’s Church Leaders on the OBL Killing

From The Telegraph: Dr Tom Wright, the former bishop of Durham, who is now a professor at St Andrews University, went further. He suggested that the United States had engaged in “vigilante actions” by invading a sovereign country, and was operating “outside the law” to dispense “redemptive violence”. “The US somehow has to learn that [Read More…]

George Eldon Ladd

No scholar influenced me in my early career as much as George Eldon Ladd. I join thousands to say we were (or are) Laddian. In 1974, when I was about to finish my sophomore year at Cornerstone University (where I’m giving the commencement address today), I was at Eerdmans the day they unloaded the freshly [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Ah, Spring. Karen: “But here, in this household, the news of bin Laden’s death was not met with fists pumps or high fives. The news laid me out flat. Forehead to the floor. Praying. Weeping. More praying. Yes, I’m grateful that our military has stopped bin Laden. If there is one thing I understand completely [Read More…]