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Osama is dead, Al Qaeda is not

From Ed Husain’s excellent piece: To put it simply, Osama bin Laden is dead, al Qaeda is not… Removing bin Laden is a colossal psychological blow to al Qaeda globally. But bin Laden was never the cause for al Qaeda: The issues that motivated him are still alive and well. Al Qaeda is a [Read More…]

A Leap of Truth

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The Wet House Idea

Have you seen this? Know anything about it? Any thoughts? St. Paul, Minnesota (CNN) – It’s been over seven years since Marian Hagerman has spoken to anyone in his family.  As he huddles behind a parked trailer on a cold early spring day, Hagerman reflects on his life, and recalls what led him to this [Read More…]

Being Human 1 (RJS)

About a year ago I promised (and intended) to read and post on Joel B. Green’s book Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible. Other topics and time constraints interfered and this book was pushed further down the line. This summer, however, provides a good opportunity for digging into the [Read More…]


Sociologists describe culture in analytical categories, psychologists probe into the inner worlds of the current generation, and philosophers question the prevailing ideas and push us to think again. The pastor’s responsibility is to put this altogether and compelling for the church. Every now and then some sociologist ties culture to faith, as Peter Berger or [Read More…]