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Peter Bergen on OBL

From Though bin Laden’s body may have been buried at sea on May 2, the burial of bin Ladenism has been a decade in the making. Indeed, it began on the very day of bin Laden’s greatest triumph. At first glance, the 9/11 assault looked like a stunning win for al-Qaeda, a ragtag band [Read More…]

The Sooner the Better

Excellent post by Adam McHugh: Recently I received the ultimate backhanded compliment, from a former colleague I came to know in my first church ministry job. Back then I was a 25-year-old seminary graduate plotting revival everywhere I went. Now I am a 34-year-old pastor asking her for a recommendation for a hospice chaplaincy. She [Read More…]

The End of Evangelicalism 4

What happens, then, to the doctrine of Scripture if David Fitch is right? What happens to what he calls “the Inerrant Bible” model — the model that speaks a polemical and ideological language game as it flows out of the modernist-fundamentalist debate and speaks against the liberal model? In his new book, The End of [Read More…]

David Mills Takes on European Morality

David Mills, at First Things, takes on European morality and it’s disposition toward the OBL killing: OK, I’m wondering what the Europeans think of this perspective. Thoughts? Observations? We asked the bartender to turn up the sound, and heard the anchorman announce that Osama bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan by American forces. A [Read More…]