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Ever Done This?

Catfish noodling. [Read more…]

King’s Cross 12

For years I’ve taught Jesus of Nazareth, and most years during the last week of the semester we examine the theology of each of the four Evangelists. The Gospel of Mark, in many ways, comes to a crucial pivot in Mark 8–10, and the core idea is this: the Messiah will be crucified in order [Read More…]

Christians and Giving

The Barna Report claims American Christians are both under stress financially and it is starting to show up in giving numbers. Pastors, what are you seeing? What are you doing about this? [Read more…]

What say our European readers?

From The Telegraph, by Nick Allen: At a special meeting of EU interior ministers in Brussels, a majority of member states backed changes that would allow individual nations to restore controls at their borders. Unfettered travel across Europe, not including Britain or Ireland, was established by the Schengen agreement and has been a signature accomplishment of [Read More…]