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Teaching Methods in Science

From the Economist: Dr Deslauriers’s lab rats were a group of 850 undergraduate engineering students taking a compulsory physics course. The students were split into groups at the start of their course, and for the first 11 weeks all went to traditionally run lectures given by well-regarded and experienced teachers. In the 12th week, one [Read More…]

Being Human 3 (RJS)

Chapter 2 of Joel B. Green’s book Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible is entitled “What does it mean to be human?” In this chapter he addresses the title question from two directions. First he discusses the scientific evidence for the connection of human life with the rest of [Read More…]

An Anabaptist Theology 2

Anabaptism sought to find a way outside Catholicism and yet not the same as the major Protestant groups, the Lutherans and the Reformed. Anabaptism, then, can be seen as a third way. Thomas Finger, in his big book A Contemporary Anabaptist Theology: Biblical, Historical, Constructive, seeks to show how anabaptism can be of help to [Read More…]