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Weather Forecast

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What Women Want (in a President)

That is, what conservative women want in a President: From the stance of a conservative woman, however, there is a list of qualities that must be present in the next president. 1. Honesty and integrity are key. We don’t want a man — or woman — who isn’t honest or who will be questioned at [Read More…]

Missing Links? (RJS)

One of the common arguments brought up to cast doubt on the theory of evolution is the absence or paucity of transitional forms in the fossil record. After all, if there is a slow transition in the evolution of the diversity of animal life, intermediate forms should be, so the argument goes, abundant. The following [Read More…]

More Children in the Kingdom: Yes or No?

A letter from a reader, and I ask one simple question: What would you say? Dear Dr. McKnight: Apologies for this uninvited invasion of your inbox, in what is almost certainly considerable volume. I’m writing as a committed Christian and seminary grad, about a topic I’ve been pondering and which I find troubling. There is [Read More…]