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And 93 years later the fellas are at it again!

Cubs at Fenway… not since 1918, in a World Series, have the Cubs played in Fenway. Ahem, and Kris is convinced we need to go to Home Depot to get a few things … well, it’s not like this is the World Series! [Read more…]

A Catholic Thanks Evangelicals

Colleen Reiss, from First Things: Then in high school, a friend invited me to her church—an independent fundamentalist Baptist church, to be precise. This was an entirely new experience. At the time, I did not have the theological vocabulary to name the obvious differences in sacramental theology, ecclesiology, and ways of reading Scripture—but as a [Read More…]

On Homeschooling: Ann Voskamp

From A Holy Experience: What do you think of homeschooling? Why do people homeschool? What are its strengths? Why would anyone be crazy enough to homeschool? So a series of questions land in the inbox for a print article on homeschooling, asking how a Christian family makes educational choices for their family? {Why would anyone [Read More…]

The End of Evangelicalism 6

I begin with this claim: the church, the local church as well as the church universal, is a politic. Instead of supporting a political party, which confuses the church into serving two masters, the church strives to be a politic. These are my words, not David Fitch’s, but I think they get to the heart [Read More…]