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From HuffPo, and a perfect example of saying “this is biblical” when it is not biblical. Respect for the church’s belief in the Second Coming is fine, and some are ridiculing even that. Here’s how the article summarizes Camping’s method. Complex Biblical numerology partially based on a literal reading of the King James Bible and [Read More…]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Hauerwas, Wells and friends

Positions vs. Practices: The Necessity of Being a Christian Wesley Vander Lugt PhD Candidate, University of St Andrews A review of Stanley Hauerwas, Sam Wells, and friends, Living Out Loud: Conversations About Virtue, Ethics and Evangelicalism, edited by Luke Bretherton and Russell Rook (Milton Keyes: Paternoster, 2010). What would a conversation be like between Stanley [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Young boys fishing in 1940 Amanda Munroe: “There are a lot of people in the world who think sport is a unique and powerful tool for achieving peace. (Sarah, Sarah, Meeghan and I are 4 of them). Our team’s work this summer wants to connect these folks and ask: “How?” “Why?” and “What’s it like [Read More…]