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California’s Prisons

From The Daily. Wow, potentially 33,000 prisoners set free because of overcrowding? What are they saying in California about this? The U.S. Supreme Court handed out tens of thousands of “get out of jail” passes to California inmates yesterday. Ruling that massive overcrowding and deplorable living conditions in its state-run prisons are in violation of [Read More…]

Computers and Brains

Why the brain is not like a computer: Why the brain is not like a computer For readers wishing to understand why the human brain is not like a computer, I would highly recommend a 2007 blog article entitled, 10 Important Differences Between Brains and Computers, by Chris Chatham, a 2nd year Grad student pursuing a [Read More…]

Atheism: Dawkins vs. Craig

From Nelson Jones: Richard Dawkins stands accused of cowardice for refusing to debate with an Amercian theologian, William Lane Craig. He responds that he’s too busy and that Craig is nothing but a professional debater. Naturally, Dawkins is under no obligation to take part in someone else’s publicity tour, but the allegation does have some force, not [Read More…]

Being Human 4 (RJS)

Chapter 2 of Joel B. Green’s book Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible is entitled “What does it mean to be human?” In this chapter he addresses the title question from two directions, scientific and biblical. In the post last Tuesday I considered the scientific evidence for the connection [Read More…]

Are we more than matter? 1

Keith Ward, in his new book, More Than Matter?: Is There More to Life Than Molecules?, says Yes indeed. This may be the best written piece of philosophy I’ve ever read, though it is hard to outflank Elizabeth Anscombe’s famous Intention. This series on Keith Ward’s book is meant to complement RJS’s series on Joel [Read More…]