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Ways to make a difference

Dumpster divers. Yikes. It is just past 9pm and Geoff Bice emerges from a skip bin at the back of a shopping centre. He triumphantly holds something up to the torch light. An egg carton. He opens the carton. One egg looks only slightly damaged. The other 11 appear intact. He puts the carton into [Read More…]

Work and Social Media

From Chris Nerney: The survey, conducted by market research firm uSamp, concludes that the “proliferation of collaboration and social tools designed to increase productivity is actually costing businesses millions of dollars per year in lost productivity.” According to, “nearly 60% of work interruptions now involve either using tools like email, social networks, text messaging [Read More…]

I Liked Jesus Better Then 1

We are taught never to buy a book by its cover, but I’ll tell you this: some titles are enough. The title to Rubel Shelly is one such title: I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Christian… And I Liked Him Better Then. Stunning title. Agree? What do you think of the ideas here? Comments, [Read More…]

God Behaving Badly 4

Is the Bible racist? Richard Dawkins thinks so, and the big reasons given in this general accusation are these: some 19th Century Christians justified new world slavery by appealing to the Bible; and YHWH commands Israelites to kill all the Canaanites. But “racism” is about “race” and most ancient Semite people are of the same [Read More…]