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A Survey: Social Media and Churches

A Fuller student is studying how the church can use Social Media; I took the test and hope you can take 5 minutes to take it yourself. I’m hoping we can learn the results when the student is finished. Dr. McKnight, I am a student at Fuller Theological Seminary and I am taking a class [Read More…]

Forgiveness — Donald Miller

From Donald Miller’s blog: Why should we forgive? Well, there are many reasons, but I’m only going to focus on a few. • The first is because, believe it or not, forgiveness is a pleasurable experience. No kidding, it feels much better than anger or hate. God has designed forgiveness as a powerful blessing for [Read More…]

Jeff Cook’s Response: A Confession of a Seeker

From Jeff Cook. We Need Better Answers. A Response to Mark Galli. I love and admire Francis Chan and Mark Galli, and am very grateful for the fruit of their lives, and even for their upcoming work on hell. I want to continue to dialogue about present issues in the church with class and respect [Read More…]

Tom Wright, Scripture and God’s Authority

The biggest problem many of us have with how we frame the “doctrine” of Scripture is that it isn’t adequate to how Scripture arose as our Sacred Text or how it operates either in the church or with us as Bible readers. Here’s the traditional model: it’s a top-down deposit or transmission of information. In [Read More…]