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Kiddy TV Bias

Ujala Seghal reporting on Ben Shapiro’s new book: I wonder how many parents observe what Shapiro observes, and I wonder how many thought something needed to be done about it, and I wonder if some parents like what they see. So, what do you think? In his new book Primetime Propaganda, conservative writer and columnist Ben [Read More…]

Bias against evangelicals in the academy?

Is there bias against evangelicals in the academy? Thomas Trevethan: “The shape of Compromising Scholarship marks out the shape of Professor Yancey’s argument. He introduces the topic of his investigation, the shape of his book, the history of investigations about bias in the academy, and himself in the first two chapters. In this introduction his [Read More…]

Mark Galli Responds to Jeff Cook 2

This one is the final response, but we’ll give the last word to Mark Galli. We Need a Better Question: A Response to Jeff Cook by Mark Galli I love the force of Jeff Cook’s arguments, because they expose the shallowness of much popular Christian thinking.  And I’m glad for places like Jesus Creed where, [Read More…]

Here’s Jimmy! 2

J.D.G. (Jimmy) Dunn’s newest book, Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels, is nothing short of an introduction to his seminal theories and proposals, and we looked at one of those proposals Monday and a second one today. Today’s concerns what happened between Jesus and the first written Gospels. The problem can be put this way: When [Read More…]