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“We’re not going away.”

From Bob Unruh: What is the policy at your church? in your denomination? Hundreds of Christian pastors across the United States have knowingly spoken out from their pulpits about political candidates and have gotten virtually no response from the Internal Revenue Service, whose job it is to enforce the 1954 Johnson Amendment banning such speech [Read More…]


Have you seen this? [Read more…]

Joan Didion

Many of us have had an experience similar to this author’s, Michael Miller’s, trepidation at meeting a favorite author: The connection seemed, at best, tenuous, but worse was the idea of cold calling Joan Didion, a concept as foreign to me as e-mailing Lord Byron. In one summer after college, after reading her essay “The [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Hitchin’ a ride See that red-winged blackbird atop the eagle? It’s been a light week in the blog world … many of my regular reads just didn’t post this week. So, here’s what I’ve got, and the next few weeks will be light when it comes to links to blogs. Jim Martin’s two-part series on [Read More…]