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Words don’t reach far enough…

From National Geographic, Cynthia Gorney on child brides: Who has studied this? What can you tell us? The outsider’s impulse toward child bride rescue scenarios can be overwhelming: Snatch up the girl, punch out the nearby adults, and run. Just make it stop. Above my desk, I have taped to the wall a photograph of [Read More…]

Words don’t reach far enough … 2

By Chi Yvonne Leina: According to statistics from the United Nations Population Fund, one out of every four girls in Cameroon is a victim of breast ironing. That’s 3.8 million girls. The practice is most prevalent in the Christian and animist south of the country, where in some regions, half of the female population is [Read More…]

Nuclear Family — on the decline

From The Daily: Who has something to say about these numbers and partial explanations? For the first time, the percentage of households headed by married couples has dropped below 50 percent, according to 2010 U.S. Census figures released yesterday. Husbands and wives represented 48.4 percent of all American households, slightly less than 2000 figures, and [Read More…]

The Search for the Historical Adam 2 (RJS)

The June 2011 cover story in Christianity Today, The Search for the Historical Adam, is a summary of the state of the discussion about the understanding of Adam and Eve in our church. The subtitle lays it out – “Some scholars believe genome science casts doubt on the existence of the first man and woman. [Read More…]

I Liked Jesus Better Then 3

“Spiritual renewal is an ongoing, never-finished work, but the tendency of a church — whether we are using the word to refer to a local congregation or an entire denomination or the so-called ‘church universal’ — is to consolidate its gains, make peace with the status quo, and take care not to offend either its [Read More…]