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Gambling numbers

It’s been some time since gambling was mentioned here, and I believe this is a much bigger addiction than many realize in our country. But, since it isn’t phyiscally harmful it is mostly neglected. This graph is from The Economist and breaks down gambling by country. Here are some questions: What would you do if [Read More…]

The Search for the Historical Adam 3 (RJS)

One of the most significant questions faced by Christians when confronted by the evidence for an old earth and evolutionary process as the major mechanism of creation is the place Adam and Eve play in the biblical narrative. The CT editorial on the topic began with a rather provocative headline, No Adam, No Eve, No [Read More…]

Transforming the World 4 (Patrick Mitchel)

Transforming the World 4 (by Patrick Mitchel, at IBI) The book is Transforming the World, edited by Dewi Hughes and Jamie Grant, published in the UK and as yet not available in the USA. The Compassion of Christ The next two chapters of Transforming the World?: the Gospel and Social Responsibility (edited by Dewi Hughes [Read More…]

I Liked Jesus Better Then 4

The medium really is the message, says Rubel Shelly in his new book, I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Christian… And I Liked Him Better Then. That famous line by Marshall McLuhan is applied by Shelly to the church: God has chosen to use a collection of clay pots to manifest who God is [Read More…]