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Teaching toward the Test

From NYTimes, by Michael Winerip: And I’d also lump teaching toward the evaluations in this educrat nonsense at work in what used to be called education. Ulteriority in teaching, like knowing what students need to know to pass a test (ulteriority) and teaching in a way that leads students to score the teacher higher on [Read More…]

The World’s Oceans – Should We Worry? (RJS)

Scot put up a post last Saturday You Might be an Evangelical Reject if you … that received a fair bit of attention and comment. Much of the comment centered on the sentiment, rare but not unheard of, that connects Christian eschatology with resistance to environmentalism … the end is coming so we should concentrate [Read More…]

Transforming the World 7 (Patrick Mitchel)

Transforming the World 7 (by Patrick Mitchel, at IBI) The book is Transforming the World, edited by Dewi Hughes and Jamie Grant, published in the UK and as yet not available in the USA. The next chapter of Transforming the World?: the Gospel and Social Responsibility (edited by Dewi Hughes and Jamie Grant) is by [Read More…]

Here’s Jimmy! 5

Those who think the ride from Jesus’ vision of the kingdom to Paul’s theology and gospel is a simple one are mistaken, and in J.D.G. (Jimmy) Dunn’s newest book, Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels, we are treated to a sketch of the shift involved in moving from Jesus to Paul. How do you connect Jesus [Read More…]