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Americans and Vacation

What do you think about vacations? Do you think we should mandate more weeks of vacation? Is this up to the employer? Germany is among more than two dozen industrialized countries — from Australia to Slovenia to Japan — that require employers to offer four weeks or more of paid vacation to their workers, according [Read More…]

Transforming the World 8 (Patrick Mitchel)

Transforming the World 8 (by Patrick Mitchel, at IBI) The book is Transforming the World, edited by Dewi Hughes and Jamie Grant, published in the UK and as yet not available in the USA. The next chapter of Transforming the World?: the Gospel and Social Responsibility (edited by Dewi Hughes and Jamie Grant) is by [Read More…]

Trevin Wax and the Gospel

It may seem odd to some, but what the gospel is has become a significant discussion. For some it is about God’s love, for some it’s about God’s wrath, for others it’s about justice, and for others it’s about joining a church. Trevin Wax, at LifeWay Christian Resources, has authored a new book on the [Read More…]