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Getting things done: the secrets

By Tony Schwartz in the Harvard Business Review: Who has struggled with this one? Any tips for others? Now back to Tony Schwartz… Over the past decade, I’ve built a series of rituals into my everyday life, in order to assure that I get to the things that are most important to me — and [Read More…]

Preferential Option for the Poor

Russ Reno, in First Things: That’s why the modern Catholic tradition of social ethics has consistently insisted that the needs of the poor must take priority. In Octogesima Adveniens (1971), an encyclical marking the eightieth anniversary of Leo XIII’s seminal treatment of modern social issues, Rerum Novarum, Paul VI evoked the fundamental importance of a transformative spirit [Read More…]

Transforming the World 10 (Patrick Mitchel)

Transforming the World 10 (by Patrick Mitchel, at IBI) The book is Transforming the World, edited by Dewi Hughes and Jamie Grant, published in the UK and as yet not available in the USA. Our final post on Transforming the World?: the Gospel and Social Responsibility (edited by Dewi Hughes and Jamie Grant) is on [Read More…]