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Herod’s Caesarea Maritima

Herod the Great was a builder — big time builder, and this aqueduct providing water from Israel’s mountain streams to Caesarea is one of his legacies. [Read more…]

Comments on NY’s Decision on Same-Sex Marriage

First, George Weigel’s salty comments on NY voting for same-sex marriage: “What the gay lobby proposes in the matter of marriage is precisely the opposite of this. Marriage, as both religious and secular thinkers have acknowledged for millennia, is a social institution that is older than the state and that precedes the state. The task [Read More…]

Quirk Theory = “Full of it”?

Recently I posted on a book about quirk theory, namely, the theory that what makes some high school students less than attractive to the social matrix of power is also what makes them “successful” as adults. Now a new study by John Volkmer suggests that college students who are “full of it” might be the [Read More…]

To Baptism or Not?

Craig Blomberg, a friend of mine from way back, wrote this piece at the Denver Seminary blog and another friend (HT: NH) passed it on to me, and I’ve swiped the whole thing for discussion here. What is your theology of baptism? How big of a deal is it for you? Baptism’s No Big Deal, [Read More…]

God’s Just Justice (John Frye)

This is by our friend and pastor and author, John Frye. A JUST GOD DOES PUNISH PEOPLE The church of the Thessalonians “in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” exploded into being. However long Paul was in Thessalonica, most agree it wasn’t an extensive amount of time (see Acts 17:1-9). Swept out of [Read More…]