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Armageddon, Megiddo

The term “Armageddon” evokes apocalyptic battle for many, but the term means “mount” of “Megiddo” — which is really a “Tel” or a site where one city is built on another until a hill arises. Megiddo was a fortified city that guarded the valley that runs from the Mediterranean down into rift valley where one [Read More…]

Hurry Please!

Did you see this? (HT:K) The British Library online? The British Library is one of the world’s largest libraries, and is home to some 150m individual items covering virtually every country and language. And its vast collection of texts is to be made available on the Internet for the first time, reports the BBC. The UK’s [Read More…]

Here’s Jimmy! 6

Every now and then someone renews an old concern: Who is most responsible for the Christian faith? is the question and the two answers are Jesus or Paul. One of the most prolific NT scholars today is my own professor, J.D.G. (Jimmy) Dunn, and his newest book, Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels, jumps into the [Read More…]

Flag in the Church?

Goshen College, probably our country’s most well-known Mennonite college, will no longer play the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events, and many Mennonite churches don’t have the flag in the front. A recent CNN Faith blog post by Mark Schloneger explains why it is that Mennonites think and behave this way. I recently had a [Read More…]