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July 4 Eats

Here’s a couple links for those who are wondering what to eat (or serve) for July 4. The best hamburgers. Or some pollo asado instead. How to make some good summer slaw. I’ve been fussing about the state of tomatoes in the good ol’ USA for a couple years, and we’re growing some ourselves this [Read More…]


One of the realities we — tourists or historians or interpreters — live with when we visit the Holy Land is that every sacred site is now occupied by a church, which for some of can be a place for pilgrimage and for others a spoilation. I’d rather see the primitive site, but that is [Read More…]

Kingdom Holiness and Sin

In the newest Relevant Magazine (type in p. 62), I have a piece on sin. Some of the points I make are that there is a widespread apathy about sin because we’ve embraced a God who is so gracious and loving that God has become avuncular, or a God who will ignore our sins. Another [Read More…]

Are you an evangelical? 1

The Pew Research Center published a major report recently after it interviewed “evangelical leaders” in the world, and the results are nothing less than stunning at times. I want to begin today with what evangelical leaders think is most important about evangelicalism. Remember, this is a survey of both the South and the North, and [Read More…]