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Those Ranting Atheists

This is an excellent set of thoughts by Zac Alstin, and all italics are my own: I remember having occasional conversations with people who thought they were atheists, yet, after a brief discussion, were content to redefine themselves as agnostics; more, perhaps, a reflection of religious apathy than a strong belief that no god exists. [Read More…]

Being Human 8 – Embodied Conversion (RJS)

The fourth chapter of Joel B. Green’s book Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible deals with conversion and salvation. The emphasis in this book is that being human is a totally embodied experience – sin is an embodied phenomenon; so are virtue and conversion. In the last post we [Read More…]

Thomas Talbott’s Gauntlet

Thomas Talbott, perhaps America’s most well-known Christian universalist, has laid down three observations that, when combined, are — so he contends — incompatible. One of them must be wrong. In the book, Universal Salvation?: The Current Debate, edited by Robin Parry (aka, Gregory Macdonald) and Christopher Partridge, Talbott’s ideas are both presented — by Talbott [Read More…]