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I wish I had been there…

… sometimes you see something and say, “I wish I had been there.” Here’s one for me. [Read more…]

Adoption, a rare story

Did you see this? The family adopted a 22-year old young man; yes, there are some red flags in this story for me and perhaps for you. When I called Billy to ask him to be our son — he was stationed in North Carolina then — my words tumbled out so fast I’m amazed [Read More…]

Mental Health and the Work Force

From the UK’s Guardian, by Jenny Little: Any thoughts on this concern in the USA? One in five people who admit to their employer that they have a mental health problem has been fired or pushed out of their job, according to recent research from mental health charity Mind. Almost 80% of workplaces have no [Read More…]

A Leap of Truth: Evolutionary Creation and Genesis (RJS)

A couple of months ago Scot posted the trailer for a new documentary film coming out soon called “A Leap of Truth“. This film, by Ryan Pettey at Satellite Pictures, is designed to be a positive contribution to the discussion of science and faith, especially science and evangelical Christian faith. I have had the opportunity [Read More…]

The Three Conditions of Hell

Many today wonder if a loving and good God can “punish” humans endlessly in hell in a way that can be called just. There are, however, actually two kinds of eternal punishment doctrine. One can be called hard retribution. This view argues that God sets out the conditions, humans knowingly (or corruptedly knowingly) choose otherwise, [Read More…]