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Up over the hill behind Capernaum is Chorazim, a place on whom Jesus uttered one of his woes. One thing struck me: When Jesus said Woe to you Chorazin, he was talking to and about near neighbors. The synagogue of Chorazim has plenty of remains, including a mikvah (for purity washings), the “seat of Moses” [Read More…]

Women and Politics and Media Coverage

I agree with Deborah Siegel, that the treatment of Palin and Bachman is a women’s issue and not just a political issue. But it appears to this outsider that conservative women are treated differently than liberal women. What do you think? Siegel: “Let’s just agree: sexism transcends. The double standard is not about political parties, [Read More…]

Youth Ministers and Parents, a suggestion

A number of you have told me that students read what they are asked to read, unless a book for them goes viral. But about the same number have told me that one of the dimensions of ministry most enjoyed is seeing responsible and innovative suggestions by students when they begin to explore what it [Read More…]

Beyond Cynicism 1

Andrew Byers, in his new book, Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint, claims “cyncism is a sickness” and defines it as being contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives. Many of us have either been there, or gotten very close, or are on the verge of camping among the cynics. Contemptuously distrustful and [Read More…]

Here’s Jimmy 7

Was Paul an apostate from Judaism? We know from the Christian angle that Paul was an apostle. But from the Jewish angle, was Paul an apostate? One of the most prolific NT scholars today is my own professor, J.D.G. (Jimmy) Dunn, and his newest book, Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels, jumps into the question above. [Read More…]