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The King James Bible

Last weekend Kris and I were in NYC, in Manhattan, to participate in a wondrous event commemorating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. The event was sponsored by the American Bible Society, and their office is on Broadway, and the invitation came from my old seminary friend, Phil Towner, who is now Dean [Read More…]


Jesus’ public ministry was based in Capernaum — it was here that he called Peter and Andrew. It was here that he ate with tax sinners and collectors. It was here that Mary came with her children in tow to knock on the door to inquire of Jesus. It was here that Peter’s mother-in-law was [Read More…]

Mickey Maudlin on Rob Bell

Mickey Maudlin is Rob Bell’s editor at HarperOne, and Mickey wrote this the other day: Nothing makes me more proud than to see a book I edited reach a wide audience. By that measure, I should be beaming over Rob Bell’s Love Wins. And I am. Not only has it spent fifteen weeks on the New [Read More…]

Perplexed about the Church? 1

What is the church? Really, we need to think about it. What is the church? What makes a church? Is a Bible study at Starbuck’s “church”? If you read into this topic you will encounter the great Roman Catholic theologian Avery Dulles quickly, and Dulles proposed a five-fold set of models for what the church [Read More…]

Shmuley Boteach Gives England an Earful

From the Jerusalem Post: What do the folks from the UK and Ireland have to say? Britain today has become one of the most godless societies on Earth. Its principle ‘religious’ exports today are thinkers who despise religion. From Richard Dawkins, who has compared religion to child abuse, to my friend Christopher Hitchens, who titled [Read More…]