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Personal Space and Environmentalism

Environmentalists often encounter folks who like their ideas but have issues with commitment — those issues boil down to personal space in this piece. What about you? Does personal space get in the way for you? Fortunately, environmentalists can respond to this problem upfront by altering their approaches to marketing and design. Recognizing personal space [Read More…]

Gracious Gratitude

By Chuck Colson, I like this distinction between natural and gracious gratitude. Put differently, there’s a profound difference between a general optimism and confidence in God. The great preacher and American theologian Jonathan Edwards called thanks for such blessings “natural gratitude.” It’s a good thing, but this gratitude doesn’t come naturally — if at all [Read More…]

Are We Just the Sum of Our Neurons? (RJS)

We’ve been working through Joel B. Green’s book Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible. This book makes the connection between the embodied nature of human existence as revealed by modern neuroscience and the nature of humanity as revealed in the Bible. Today I will take a step back from [Read More…]

How to Talk about the Afterlife (if you must) 1

Ten Theses to Guide Debate on the Afterlife This post is by D. C. Cramer, who is a PhD student in religion with an emphasis in theological ethics at Baylor University, a pastor in the Missionary Church denomination, and a regular participant in the Jesus Creed community. The following are some theses—in no particular order—that [Read More…]