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Imagine That!

Here’s someone who found a “new” way to be more productive … I have seriously tried many productivity systems during my career, and I find that they all have their advantages, but they just can’t cover all my needs. Finally I had to abandon them all, and return to where I began. I started to [Read More…]

“I wish I hadn’t said that”

This is an extreme case of “I wish I hadn’t said that,” and it not only calls into question the wisdom of having folks so young write up their story for publication, and it not only calls into questions publishers supporting such writing, but it also makes us wonder about what we believed in our [Read More…]

How Not to Succeed in … (RJS)

I am in the midst of proposal and paper writing just now (they don’t write themselves) and running out of time for blog posts (which also don’t write themselves).  Rather than put up a poorly written, half-worked, effort I would like to link to an article published earlier this year in Science Careers, a publication [Read More…]

How to Talk about the Afterlife (if you must) 2

Ten Theses to Guide Debate on the Afterlife This post is by D. C. Cramer, who is a PhD student in religion with an emphasis in theological ethics at Baylor University, a pastor in the Missionary Church denomination, and a regular participant in the Jesus Creed community. Part one can be read here. Where do [Read More…]