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Trip to Jerusalem

From the Galilee, and we stayed in Tiberias, we drove down the Jordan rift valley to the Dead Sea and Jericho area, and then we drove up to Jerusalem. Here are some pictures: beginning with the Jordan River, where folks do baptisms today, and the trip involves watching the terrain shift from the greens and [Read More…]

Imagine That! 2

Why did homo sapiens survive? The brain theory folks, summed up here by Cal Newport, connect survive-ability to procrastination: Rewind time 100,000 years ago: several different species of humans co-exist on earth.There was, of course, our own species, Homo sapien, but we were joined by our more athletic siblings from the Tree of Life, Homo [Read More…]

Perplexed about the Church? 2

Where is the church? I don’t mean directions, which we can get from Mapquest, but theologically: what makes a group of people a church vs. just a group? This leads to a famous discussion in the history of the church called the (visible) marks of the church. There are two groups of answers, and you [Read More…]

From anti-charismatic to… by C. Michael Patton

I’m swiping this from Patton’s site. The content is an old discussion, but it’s very fresh for many who are coming of age in the faith (whatever their age). Charismatics believe in the spiritual gifts for today; cessationists think those gifts are no longer used by God. Patton’s a cessationist. What about you? I grew [Read More…]