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Overseen, on FB, notice the book (not the drink) or the bunny! (HT: Ashley) One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow [Read more…]

Academic Networking

Lincoln Mullenr wrote this sophisticated little piece, which you’ll have to read in full to get the foundation, but here are his implications of the networking nature of the academy: Collins’s sociology goes a long way towards explaining the unpleasant side of the academy, such as the emphasis on academic celebrities and the plight of [Read More…]

Why Would God Use 4.6 Billion Years? (RJS)

There are a number of comments and questions that come up repeatedly in the discussion of science and faith. One of the issues raised often is the question of time. Why would God take 9 billion years to create a universe ready for the earth and for life? Why would God use 4.6 billion years [Read More…]

Perplexed about the Church? 3

In the next textbook on the church, by Matt Jenson and David Wilhite: Church: A Guide for the Perplexed (Guides For The Perplexed) , there is a discussion of the issue of mediation. In brief, here it is as a question: Does the church mediate the work of God and, if so, how? Before you [Read More…]