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Jerusalem from Mt Olivet Area

Here are some pictures looking across the Kidron Valley, which runs north and south between the old city of Jerusalem (and the temple mount) and the Mount of Olives. Notice that both sides of the Kidron are filled with tombstones, and descending down the Mount of Olives into the valley and up it shifts from [Read More…]

Another Free Copy, Another Translation

… the first person who did not win the previous translation and who submits a fair and accurate translation of the following mosaic, but you almost must identify where the mosaic is found, and you can’t crib a translation from a website. Just you and your Greek lexicon and this mosaic. First person with a [Read More…]

Erasing Hell (Jeff Cook) 2

This post is by Jeff Cook, and it examines how “desire” is connected to our view of the fate of the wicked. Erasing Hell: On Desire   (Jeff Cook) I realize some of you are tiring of this discussion, but I love the hell debate taking place this year. The dialogue is much bigger than the [Read More…]

Josh McDowell vs. Kevin Kelly

Josh McDowell says the internet is destroying the faith of young adults, but Kevin Kelly, of Wired magazine, sees things from the other angle: that human flourishing is connected to development in the technium. What say you? Do you see a problem with either information or access? What kind of “problem” do you see on [Read More…]