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Energy Stealing Foodstuffs

From The TransformationSpot: High calorie foods will give you a boost of energy, for a minute and they make you crash.  The best way to keep your energy up is by keeping your body fueled with protein.  High protein snacks will help you feel awake and energized all day instead of giving you a quick [Read More…]

A Right?

Is the internet becoming a human right? By Jan Chipchase – Special to CNN We’re halfway done with 2011, a year marked by remarkable, revolutionary uprisings in the Middle East – uprisings facilitated and documented on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. When the governments in Egypt and Syria tried to control the flow of information from citizens by blocking [Read More…]

Grounding the Dignity of Humans

Anat Biletzki works really hard to show that human dignity, or that life is sacred, or that humans are special, can be grounded apart from the one foundation that has both created the idea and that has sustained the practice, however imperfectly. But, here are some of her ideas … what do you think? Can [Read More…]

A Slippery Slope … or A Two Way Street? (RJS)

I am still in the throes of paper writing, proposal writing, and travel … so haven’t had time to get back to Joel Green or C. John Collins. These will come, both Green’s chapter on resurrection and Collins on Adam and Eve. Today though I would like to pose a question – with a link [Read More…]

A Calvinist Response to Universalism

In the book, Universal Salvation?: The Current Debate, edited by Robin Parry (aka, Gregory Macdonald) and Christopher Partridge, Daniel F. Strange, a UK Calvinist, responds to Thomas Talbott’s universalism. I cannot possibly enter into the intricacies of the issues here so I will do my best to sketch the major ideas in Strange’s case against [Read More…]