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America’s Best Sermons

An interview of Larry Witham: OK, preachers, what’s the best sermon you’ve read or heard? [Make it one we can access.] Trevin Wax: What do you consider to be the most important (in terms of influence) sermon in American history and why? Larry Witham: We’d probably want to look at sermons that came early in [Read More…]

Is it All a Trick of the Mind? (RJS)

Michael Shermer, formerly a Professor specializing in the history of science, skeptic, debunker, author of such books as How We Believe: Science, Skepticism, and the Search for God and The Science of Good and Evil: Why People Cheat, Gossip, Care, Share, and Follow the Golden Rule has a new book out The Believing Brain: From [Read More…]

I Liked Jesus Better Then 5

Jaroslav Pelikan, that great church history scholar who taught for three decades at Yale, once said “Tradition is the living faith of the dead; traditionalism is the dead faith of the living.” Some, of course, think (foolishly) that all tradition is dead and that all things now living are alive. But we can be wiser [Read More…]