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For Teachers

From A.J. Heschel: The first moment of each class is like the hour in which the Jews stood at the Red Sea. [Read more…]

New Balance News

From WaPo: By Peter Whoriskey, Published: July 28 NORRIDGEWOCK, Maine — At the factory here owned by New Balance, the last major athletic shoe brand to manufacture footwear in the United States, even workers on the shop floor recognize that in purely economic terms, the operation doesn’t make sense. The company could make far more money if, like [Read More…]

The New Evangelical Feminists

Lisa Miller, at WaPo, examines a new form of feminism among politically conservative women: In evangelical Christian circles, “feminist” has traditionally been a dirty word. The three short syllables have done heavy work, telegraphing all the things the “Christian right” loves to hate about the “secular left.” A feminist, according to this definition, favors “abortion [Read More…]

The Problem with Biblicism 3

Christian Smith, in his new book, Bible Made Impossible, The: Why Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture, contends that what many of us (evangelicals) affirm is impossible to hold with intellectual integrity. He calls this belief “biblicism,” and if you want to read what it is see our last post. The fundamental [Read More…]

The NIV and the Southern Baptists

I’ve been using the NIV 2011 and I really like it and I endorse it enthusiastically. It’s now my preaching Bible. I cannot think of a finer group of Christian scholars than those on the Committee for Bible Translation, led by Doug Moo at Wheaton. I know these translators, and they take the Word of [Read More…]