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Din Din

From the Onion: WASHINGTON—Sitting patiently in their chairs with their nappies on their lappies, the residents of the United States announced Wednesday they were ready for their din din. “Yummy yummy num nums,” exclaimed a Nashville, TN–area big boy, 42, digging into a mound of macaroni and cheese as soon as his plate touched the [Read More…]

Some Comfort for Some 1

Did you see this? I’m not in the category of the authors below, but Kris just read this post and reminded me that Jesus Creed was rejected by five publishers before it was published. What kind of rejections have spurred you onwards? Happens To The Best Of Us: Famous Author Rejection Letters Check out these [Read More…]

Barna’s Newest Study: Church Changing 2

From Barna: George Barna’s studies are always worth some effort reading and discussing; social scientist poke him hard on numbers at times, but often Barna finds trends or suggestions that pastors and churches need to ponder. So, what do you see here? The three oldest generational segments of America’s population have been actively redefining their [Read More…]

The Search for the Historical Adam 4 (RJS)

I began this series a while ago, but had to put it on the back burner to concentrate on other things. Today I would like to get return to the topic of Adam and to the recent book by C. John Collins entitled Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?: Who They Were and Why You [Read More…]

I Liked Jesus Better Then 6

There is a myth in American culture that little girls dream of a prince coming to rescue her. If that myth is true, what does it say of the woman for whom no charming prince comes? That she is unlovable? That she deserves scorn and abuse? Such a woman, Rubel Shelly says in his new [Read More…]