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To Beard or Not to Beard

From The New Yorker: The beard has been going in and out of fashion as long as men have been able to trim their whiskers. In 1938, The New Yorker published an article titled “American Hair: Its Rises and Falls,” a Depression-era trend piece by Lewis Gannett about the connections of the beard and the mustache [Read More…]

Re(s)training our taste buds?

From Brian Mossop at Scientific American: Our diets are unhealthy, that much is clear. Now, an increasing number of scientists and physicians wonder if our propensity for unhealthy, obesity-inducing eating might be tied to the food choices made during our first weeks and months of life. Indeed, the latest research indicates that what we learn to [Read More…]

The Problem of Biblicism 6

Christian Smith, in his must-read and challenging book, Bible Made Impossible, The: Why Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture, contends that what many of us (evangelicals) affirm is impossible to hold with intellectual integrity. He calls this belief “biblicism,” and if you want to read what it is read this post. The [Read More…]

Mission, What is it?

What is the relationship between evangelism and social action? Some people today blend these two terms and avoid the discussion by speaking of the term “missional,” but over coffee eventually a question is raised by someone. I’ll do it today: What is the relation of social action and evangelism? It comes down to the meaning [Read More…]