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The Mentoring Project

From The Oregonian, by Rachel Bachman: As Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy waited to raise the Lombardi Trophy after the 2007 Super Bowl, he thought of a junior high school assistant principal. That man, Leroy Rockquemore, had taken an interest in Dungy and his teenage friends, talking about music and football with them at lunch and [Read More…]

Liberalism, Defined

Roger Olson nails it: Schleiermacher introduced into the stream of Christian theology a “Copernican revolution” in theological method that regarded it as necessary to adjust traditional Christianity to the culture of the Enlightenment–what we call “modernity.”  To be sure, Schleiermacher did NOT do this uncritically.  However, he clearly felt it necessary to rescue Christianity from [Read More…]

A Search for Acceptance? (RJS)

NPR had a story on Morning Edition this last Tuesday entitled Evangelicals Question The Existence Of Adam And Eve. You can download, listen, read a transcript of read the story at the link.  The short piece – 7:44 – involves commentary and snippets of interviews with a number of people, many of whom have come [Read More…]

Daily Life in the time of Jesus 1

Jodi Magness, in her excellent new book Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus, and relying more than most upon Qumran’s evidence, examines a number of fascinating elements of Jewish daily life at the time of Jesus (though Jesus was from the Galilee): (1) Purifying the Body and [Read More…]