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Barna’s Newest Study: Church Changing 6

From Barna: There are many ways of categorizing people’s faith these days. In a new report from the Barna Group that is part of the State of the Church – 2011 annual tracking study, George Barna examines changes in 14 religious attributes in relation to some of those religious categories as they have unfolded since [Read More…]

Independent, Local Bookstores Adapting

By Joanne Beckman: What are you seeing with local bookstores? We have but one — a B&N in a big mall. That’s it. Customers at Prairie Lights bookstore in Iowa City can enjoy a glass of wine, browse some of the downtown store’s 100,000 titles and catch their favorite author’s reading. Or they can listen [Read More…]

How to use the Bible in Politics 2

What about the Old Testament laws? Like the purity laws or the holiness codes? Can they be used in political discourse? for laws in our land? Are they just passe? If these are God’s laws are they God laws for all time, for all people, in all places? Richard Bauckham, in his new book, The [Read More…]

Conversion, what is it?

What is conversion? John Stott, in his classic book, Christian Mission in the Modern World (IVP Classics) , examines the word “conversion” in his final chapter. He has so far examined mission, evangelism, dialogue, and salvation. So today, we look at the meaning of “conversion”. Stott, a true-blue Anglican, begins by poking at snobs who [Read More…]