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Good News for Chocolate Lovers

… but it’s not that good of news. Chocolate, dark chocolate, which has this weird thing called epicatechin (a flavonol), is good for your health if you eat — get this — about one half of one square of a chocolate bar. Yes, and next they’ll say one half of one potato chip is good [Read More…]

Scientific Progress or A Step Too Far? (RJS)

We’ve been concentrating on the question of Adam lately, and it is time for something of a break. This is an amazing time to be a scientist – there is so much going on and so much progress being made in so many areas of study. One fascinating source for brief general public level insights [Read More…]

Jesus in our own Image

All Bible readers are tempted to make Jesus in their own image, and a study I mentioned in The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible makes a solid social-scientific case for that very observation. We all tend to toss onto the Bible’s texts our projections the way we project onto the Rohrschach inkblots. [Read More…]