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The Escape Artist

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John Wilson, John Schneider, Karl Giberson, the Bible

From WSJ, by John Wilson, weighing in on the Calvin College/John Schneider issue: But what about Prof. Schneider? There is a salient difference between Genesis and the gospels. For all their disagreement over the details, orthodox Christians broadly agree about how to read the gospels. But there is no such consensus about how to read [Read More…]

Women’s Suffrage, 90+ years old

From NPR: On Aug. 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified, effectively granting the vote to women. Here are some photos spotted on Flickr Commons — from the decade leading to that day. There are a few fine-art photographers today who use large-format glass plate negatives to emulate the look and feel of photos from [Read More…]

How to use the Bible in Politics 3

Some ask questions like these: Should Christians pay taxes? Are there justifiable reasons for Christians not to pay taxes? And what does the Bible say about paying taxes? Others don’t even think to ask such questions. Jesus was once asked about paying taxes, which was a question that got Jesus into the political world. Many [Read More…]

A Spiritual Radical

There are some, and they are not many, who can write and speak and think religiously in a way that transcends one religion while speaking from within that religion. No one has done it better than Abraham Joshua Heschel, and we are grateful to the prodigious research of Edward K. Kaplan for now finishing the [Read More…]