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That Necessary Both/And

Carolyn Arends: I’ve been thinking about John and his girlfriend/wife a lot lately, especially when I read my Bible. Is it faith or works? I demand of the text, and the answer seems to be: “Yes.” Is God a God of revelation or of mystery? Is he as close as a whisper or beyond all things? [Read More…]

Tiger Mom Loses to Reindeer Mom

About Finland’s schools, by Lynnell Hancock: Finland has vastly improved in reading, math and science literacy over the past decade in large part because its teachers are trusted to do whatever it takes to turn young lives around… “Whatever it takes” is an attitude that drives not just Kirkkojarvi’s 30 teachers, but most of Finland’s [Read More…]

What is Justice? 1

What is Justice 1 David Opderbeck is Professor of Law at Seton Hall University Law School.  In this series, David reflects on Nicholas Wolterstorff’s most recent book, Justice in Love (Emory University Studies in Law and Religion). Introduction Nicholas Wolterstorff is a leading Christian philosophical theologian who combines his intellectual erudition with a warm evangelical [Read More…]

How I See Things

Though I have no desire to think anything major for the gospel can be accomplished through our political process, I still follow some of the political wrangling. My attachment, in the end, is ironic, but sometimes I sense there’s a time to weigh in and I want to weigh in today. There’s a recent flap [Read More…]