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Mona Charen on VP Joe Biden

Wow, Mona Charen gives VP Joe Biden a lecture — on the basics: This was not a gaffe. This was a disgrace. In a speech at Sichuan University, Vice President Joe Biden said, “Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family.” But, he continued, [Read More…]

Immortality is a Divine Gift (RJS)

Death is natural – immortality is a divine gift. This isn’t true because of the fall – it was true from the beginning of creation. This statement will seem off-base, and seriously in error for some. It will seem completely reasonable to others. I would like to open this idea up for conversation in the [Read More…]

Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics 1

Steve Wilkens, at Azusa Pacific, is one of those professors who can write textbooks for students that can also be used in churches. His newest book, Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics: An Introduction to Theories of Right and Wrong, is an excellent introduction to ethical theory. Here is what a good introduction does: first, it knows [Read More…]