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An Open Letter to College First Year Students

From Tim Dalrymple, at Patheos, and I’ll clip the opening and you can go to the link to read his wisdom. At last your time has come.  Leaving behind the old world and the deep ruts you carved in the corner of that world that belonged to you, you’re off to explore undiscovered countries, to join [Read More…]

College Students and Drinking

College students alert, recent graduates alert: What do you think of the observations and conclusions by Thomas Rogers as summarized below? A recent article at Salon by Thomas Rogers sketches recent research on why college students like to get wasted. The research acknowledges the social impact of drinking and the long term impacts of addiction, [Read More…]

Joseph Epstein on the Literary Game

From WSJ, by Joseph Epstein: Yet, through the magic of dull and faulty prose, the contributors to “The Cambridge History of the American Novel” have been able to make these presumably worldly subjects seem parochial in the extreme—of concern only to one another, which is certainly one derogatory definition of the academic. These scholars may [Read More…]

King Jesus Gospel Giveaway

The offer is now over, and thanks to all who clicked the link (now removed) and who filled out the information. We are giving away a free copy of The King Jesus Gospel to the first 25 who write in. Just click on the link below and fill out the information…. [Read more…]

What Type of School Did You Attend?

This post is from Helen Lee, author of the very fine book The Missional Mom: Living with Purpose at Home & in the World, and I hope you can read her book. Christianity Today recently sketched some conclusions of the Cardus Report that examined the results of Christian schools — Protestant and Catholic and homeschools. [Read More…]

The Bible is Electricity 1

This blog has given some concentrated attention to how we understand the Bible and, in particular, we’ve been examining an approach to the Bible Christian Smith calls “biblicism.” This sort of thing also came up yesterday in William Webb’s discussion of corporal punishment. Now we are moving to another scholar who asks aloud how to [Read More…]