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MLK Monument

I’m a big, big fan of our monuments in Washington, DC, and my favorite one is the Jefferson Memorial. As soon as we get to DC, we’re heading over to the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, but there’s been some very heated exchanges about this monument. Maya Angelou thinks one of the sets of [Read More…]

Can We Muster our Willpower?

Very interesting piece, written by Stephen Pinker, on a book called “Willpower.” Who knows about will power? Do you think we can improve our abilities in will power? Is ‘will’ like a muscle in need of training? Who’s got some stories about what you’ve had to do to develop will power to whip an addiction? [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

First off, congratulations to Besse Cooper on reaching her 115th birthday! Excellent piece on John Polkinghorne by Dean Nelson.”Likewise, Polkinghorne doesn’t know for sure that there is a God. And yet, when he was at the top of his game in physics at Cambridge in 1979, he left the laboratory studying one unseen reality for [Read More…]