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Labor Day and Surprising Incomes

Did you see this? From selling porta-potties to washing windows, these ten go-getters are bringing home six figure salaries working jobs you may not expect. [Read more…]

Maggie’s Diet

By Andrea Lucado, at Her.meneutics, and there’s more at the link: And what say you? With a title like Maggie Goes on a Diet, it’s hard to believe author and publisher Paul Kramer did not anticipate the criticism he and his publishing house would receive when the book recently appeared on Amazon for pre-order. Not even in [Read More…]

Labor Day and Jobs

USA Today got some experts together to discuss how to create jobs, and this is a great topic for today – our Labor Day. Wow, do we need jobs. The picture below is at a job fair in Atlanta. What’s being done in your community? What are you hearing? My neighbor was unemployed for two [Read More…]

Seven Days that Divide the World 1

John Lennox, professor in Mathematics at Oxford, in his new and wonderfully written book, Seven Days That Divide the World: The Beginning According to Genesis and Science, examines the age-old, ever divisive — and yet wintergreen in piquing our interest — issues in the science and faith/Bible debates. My sentence, the one I just wrote, [Read More…]

Good News about the World 2

Good news is bad news because good news doesn’t sell the news. Bad news sells and works. Why? This is the subject of  chp one in Brad Wright’s new, important book (Upside: Surprising Good News About the State of Our World), and every pastor and professor needs this book. Before you read another word, I’d [Read More…]