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N.B. on Irene

I am one who said Irene was over-hyped, and this article shows that it was — only in it’s obsessive concentration with New York City — but Irene was one of the costliest hurricanes ever. Kris and I kept wondering how the good folks were doing in North Carolina, and then we wondered about New [Read More…]

CT, the SBC, and the NIV

From CT’s exceptional editorial: At their annual summer convention, the Southern Baptists passed a resolution expressing “profound disappointment with Biblica and Zondervan Publishing House” for publishing the 2011 New International Version, concluding that “we cannot commend the 2011 NIV to Southern Baptists or the larger Christian community.” The resolution strikes us as divisive, shortsighted, and [Read More…]

The Search for the Historical Adam 7 (RJS)

We have been working through the recent book by C. John Collins entitled Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?: Who They Were and Why You Should Care. This book looks at the question of Adam and Eve from a relatively conservative perspective but with some good nuance and analysis. The questions he poses and the [Read More…]

What is Justice? 2

What is Justice 2 David Opderbeck is Professor of Law at Seton Hall University Law School.  In this series, David reflects on Nicholas Wolterstorff’s most recent book, Justice in Love (Emory University Studies in Law and Religion). In my first post, I highlighted some of the major themes in Wolterstorff’s recent books:  Justice:  Rights and [Read More…]