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Will Willimon on 9/11

From CT: On 9/11 I thought, For the most powerful, militarized nation in the world also to think of itself as an innocent victim is deadly. It was a rare prophetic moment for me, considering Presidents Bush and Obama have spent billions asking the military to rectify the crime of a small band of lawless individuals, [Read More…]

Peter Leithart on 9/11

From First Things: When nineteen jihadist hijackers slammed two airplanes into the World Trade Center towers and another into the Pentagon ten years ago, they saw themselves as heroes of an apocalyptic holy war. For a moment, it seemed that they had instead given new life to secular modernity. During the decades preceding 9/11, religion [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

April’s very important telling of a story about redemption through suffering. And Josh writes to his boys. Lise: the personal is political. K. Rex Butts sketches in some ideas about the banning of instrumental music in restorationist churches. Many are asking this one: What to preach on 9/11? And here’s a second set of reflections [Read More…]