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Jonathan Sacks on 9/11

Wow, this post on 9/11 by Jonathan Sacks, the Lord Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth, is perceptive; one of the best I’ve seen yet. Robert McNamara said the first rule in politics is to understand your enemy’s psychology. As I struggled to understand 9/11 I began to suspect the answer lay in the events [Read More…]

Anne Graham Lotz on 9/11

Anne Graham Lotz, at CT: September 11 was an alarm that penetrated my daily responsibilities and my busy ministry schedule, warning me … of what? Ten years ago, I could not have answered that question. All I knew with certainty was that God was trying to get the attention of his people, including me. Like the [Read More…]

The Search for the Historical Adam 9 (RJS)

I have been posting over the last several weeks on the recent book by C. John Collins entitled Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?: Who They Were and Why You Should Care. Dr. Collins’s  book looks at the question of Adam and Eve from a relatively conservative perspective but with some good nuance and analysis. [Read More…]

Two Smacks Max 3

William Webb, in his newest book, Corporal Punishment in the Bible: A Redemptive-Movement Hermeneutic for Troubling Texts, examines what might be called the traditional view of spanking among evangelical Christians. He calls it the “two smacks max” or “two spanks max” method. No Christians today follow the face-value meanings of biblical statements about corporal disciplinary [Read More…]