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Sad Reality of Compassionate Doctors

From USAToday: Increasingly in California and other states, doctors such as Ramos are taking matters into their own hands, finding ways to continue care for patients who have no insurance and no money. There are plenty of both in California. No state has more uninsured residents than California (7million), and only a handful of states [Read More…]

Rowan Williams to step down?

From Jonathan Wynne-Jones, at The Guardian: Dr Rowan Williams is understood to have told friends he is ready to quit the highest office in the Church of England to pursue a life in academia. The news will trigger intense plotting behind the scenes over who should succeed the 61-year-old archbishop, who is not required to [Read More…]

Giving Texts Priority: Questions

On a flight recently I was reading a book about hell, and one of the chapters was devoted to examining the so-called “universalism” texts in Paul’s letters. Sometimes Paul says things like “As in Adam all die, so in Christ all are made alive.” The issue is how “all” that “all” is! What I observed [Read More…]

The Bible is Electricity 3

How do non-Christian scholars, in particular Jewish scholars, find the Bible of use about women in society? We are looking at a new book by Richard Elliott Friedman and Shawna Dolansky called The Bible Now. They examine this topic in a long chapter, and I would rate this chp among the finest chapter-length studies on [Read More…]