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Sad News about Drug Deaths

This is very sad news: drug deaths now exceed traffic fatalities. From the LA Times. Propelled by an increase in prescription narcotic overdoses, drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in the United States, a Times analysis of government data has found. Drugs exceeded motor vehicle accidents as a cause of death in 2009, killing at [Read More…]

Stetzer on Denominations

The big idea from Ed Stetzer’s new post: Pastors value denominations but think they will diminish in significance. The more significant number, at least for me, is the present value rather than the predicted diminishment. [Read more…]

Capital Punishment: Dying a Slow Death?

The cases of Duane Buck in Texas and Troy Davis in Georgia have re-sparked interest and discussion of whether capital executions are just, humane and a genuine deterrent. There is State and Federal law, and there is Bible, and many Christians prop up State laws of capital punishment by appealing to the Bible. So what [Read More…]

Thoughts on Homeschooling

Among my students right now, two homeschooled students are exceptional in all ways: intelligence, personality, and leadership potential. I’ve not been part of the homeschool community so when I hear stereotypes, they make no sense to me in the realm of experience. Yes, we can trade in mudslinging suggestions, that some homeschool because of fear [Read More…]