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Rob Bell Leaving Mars Hill

From Christianity Today, by Sarah Pulliam Bailey, the report about Rob Bell who has decided to leave Mars Hill Church, the Grandville megachurch he and his wife founded 12 years ago, to focus on a broader audience, the churchannounced today. Flickering Pixels author Shane Hipps will take over for Bell during spring 2012 after Bell [Read More…]

Education and Character

By Paul Tough on Dominic Randolph, a teacher, who thinks standardized testing and IQ tests aren’t to be the focus. Instead, he calls people to character. For the headmaster of an intensely competitive school, Randolph, who is 49, is surprisingly skeptical about many of the basic elements of a contemporary high-stakes American education. He did [Read More…]

Harvard Values Kindness

A new pledge signed by many first year students at Harvard College included a commitment to kindness, and not all like the pledge: What do you think of this idea? When the members of the class of 2015 arrived at Harvard College this fall, they encountered a novel bit of moral education. Their dorm proctors — [Read More…]

Following Aslan (RJS)

CS Lewis is a great story teller and there is much in his story telling that can, and should, provoke deeper thought. Lately I’ve been thinking about an incident in Prince Caspian, one of the Chronicles of Narnia books by CS Lewis. In this story Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy have returned to Narnia.  They [Read More…]

King Jesus Gospel Questions 4

Part two of the questions of clarifications in Ben Witherington’s interview with me about The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited: Comment and Question Five:   One of the important distinctions you make in the book is between the story of the Bible, the story of Jesus, the plan of salvation, and methods of [Read More…]